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Starting an NFT or Crypto project is hard enough on its own, you don’t want your digital presence becoming a hassle, so let us handle that while you focus on the remainder. We help you design, build, test, and launch your crypto or NFT website in no-time.

We work with WordPress

The most used content management system in the world, powering more than 39.6% of all websites on the internet. WordPress allows us to build anything, with all the advantages from the platform, it gives new users the opportunity to edit content without touching a line of code.

DigitalAnchor uses WordPress CMS to power their websites
DigitalAnchor builds websites with Elementor

Combined with Elementor

With the page builder “Elementor” we can build anything on WordPress and it gives us and our clients the opportunity to edit content content themselves to keep their website up to date and without the hassle of learning code. We offer courses for those who require additional assistance with Elementor or WordPress.

With ambition to create beautiful looking websites


Structuring your website where everything will be displayed, with a focus on user experience.


Where design meets layout, adding a beautiful design over the already established layout.


Creating the copy and images and displaying, with an eye for conversion.


Wrapping things up, time for the final touches of the project and launching the website.

Frequently asked Questions

Have additional questions? We’re happy to help, you can send us an email here.

What are your prices?

While in website design all projects differ, our typical client budget is anywhere between €1-5k, but we do take on smaller, or bigger projects.

How can I get in contact?

We are excited to hear from you and your project! You can contact us via email or schedule a non-binding call.

How do you charge?

We charge on a project-based rate, this means that we will decide on a price that fits your project and its complexity. We charge hourly if the project needs more work done that was not included in the original proposal.

How long do projects usually take?

Our usual projects consisting of website design and development takes between 1-3 weeks to complete, but that depends hugely on the scope of work, responsiveness from the client, and availability. We can arrange an expedited project for those on a tight schedule.

Why do you use WordPress?

In short, WordPress is easier for both us and our clients. It allows us to speed up the development process so we can use that time to focus on the design & functionality of your website. WordPress is also fairly easy-to-use, so you can edit your website yourself which we absolutely embrace!

Do you also integrate with ... blockchain?

Unfortunately, our developers are not experienced enough in blockchain development, so we don’t offer any in-house blockchain development to our clients. If you are starting an NFT project, consider using a subdomain for a mint/candy machine website (it’s quite common to do so).

Do you have a project in mind?


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