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We are a Dorset website agency specializing in WordPress website design. WordPress allows us to build better websites for businesses in Dorset while also giving our Dorset based clients the chance to edit the website themselves afterwards, which we absolutely endorse!

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Top-rated Dorset website design agency

We are a top-rated Dorset website design agency, we are innovative, efficient, and effective. We design websites that just work, it’s not always just about the design but also the accessibility and functionality. So when you are looking for a Dorset Website Design agency we are the best for you.

With passion to design beautiful websites in Dorset


Structuring your website where everything will be displayed, with a focus on user experience.


Creating the copy and images for your website and showcasing them with the structured layout.


Where design meets layout, adding a beautiful design over the already established layout.


Developing the back of the website, making it mobile responsive, and accessible for anyone.

Advertise your business in Dorset 24/7 with our website design team

Get your business advertised 24/7 by our Dorset website design team. How you may ask? Well, a website does not go offline and if you are found by Google and other search engines, people, potential customers from Dorset and other cities can find your website too! A website is there to stay, you just need to keep it updated to stop Google from de-ranking your website.

Why would l need a new website you may ask when Google is looking at your website (indexing it) it looks at some key points, is it mobile responsive? Is it being updated/still active? and many more points… Our Dorset website design team takes all those points into consideration when designing your website, but it doesn’t stop there. Your website needs to be updated for Google to keep recognizing it, we endorse you to keep doing that after we have finished your website.

While pay-per-click ad campaigns are great, they should not be your only marketing strategy. Look at the keywords you would like to rank for and look at the cost per click, that is the amount you are going to pay if you are doing pay-per-click ads for that keyword and therefore more scalable. Organic results leave a higher profit margin over time. Our Dorset SEO team is here to help you with search engine optimization.

Some of the websites we have designed for businesses in Dorset

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