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Stop frustrating your customers, website support

Keep your website running as intended

Give your website the attention it deserves, the success of your website is dependent on keeping it up-to-date. With the help from DigitalAnchor you can be assured that your website will be optimized, supported and updated according to Google guidelines.

Keep your website running as intended
A fast performing website matters seo

A fast performing website matters

Websites have changed tremendously in the past years in terms of design, copy, but most importantly speed. People are not waiting around for a website to load as long as they used to, even search engines penalize websites that load slowly.

Everything included to take care of your website


Keeping the database clean, blocking spam, and converting images to a web safe format


Blocking hackers and unwanted guests from entering your website


Actively updating your website core, plugins and copy to keep up with your business


Monitoring your website 24/7 and preventing it from going offline

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